Monday, February 11, 2013

My Paleo Experiment

While I haven't had huge flares, I certainly have felt better than now.  
That usually sends me into serious search mode looking for anything that I haven't already tried. 

Enter the Paleo experiment. 

I read quite a bit about the Paleo diet and all it can do for autoimmune diseases.   It sounds sensible and even way better than where I was.  And for me, it would actually mean adding in something.  READ: FREEDOM!!    So I gave it about 2 weeks adding in beef, chicken, and eggs. 

It didn't work. 

I feel worse than when I started.  Also I feel that heavy feeling after eating meat that I forgot about when eating vegan.  No thanks. 

Sooo back to the drawing board.   And my vegan fare that I grew pretty comfy with. 
While I don't care so much that it didn't work, I DO care (a lot) that both Maggie AND my acupuncturist are not practicing anymore.  They have helped me more than anyone else in these 2 years and I will miss them so very much.   And I'm ok with where I am now, but if I let myself think about it too much....I'm not ok thinking about the future without them.  So I try not to go there. 

As it is, I feel like I achieved a measure of success (though not remission) with my natural methods since I have not yet had to go on the "severe" drugs even though my blood work clearly shows I could easily be there. 

But God knows.  So I'm looking forward to whatever better solution He has in store.