Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Spoon Theory

Please read this if there is anybody in your life that deals with chronic health issues.  It explains things so well to better help you understand what its like!
A bit better!  I'm not coughing near as much and I had a lot more energy today.

And wonder of wonders!  My wrist DID clear up on its own!  It's not perfect but it's good.

My hands and shoulder hurt.  And I'm back to the point of going to bed wondering what tomorrow morning will feel like.  But its not so bad that it's slowing me down and only slightly to the point of favoring my shoulder.

I had another vein procedure done on my leg.  Oh, how I hope this doesn't trigger anything else.  It didn't last time so I'm hoping I'm good for this time too.

I changed my vitamins and added Horse Chestnut and Olive Leaf Extract.  Olive leaf is pretty powerful stuff but I haven't taken it in about a year.

I also realized that I've been lazy with my food prep.  Relying on my GF vegan cereal for breakfast, falling to canned beans, and skimping on my salad veggies.  Time to step it up!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The other day I was in a moment of thankfulness and remembering how when we were moving into this rent house just 7 months ago there was a question in my mind if I would be able to fully participate.   The thought of that was so foreign to me b/c I have been doing so well.  I never doubt if I'll be able to do anything.

Then there is today.  And I'm reminded anew what disability means.  Dis-ABLE to do something.
It's been building up for about a week.  But this morning I work up with both shoulders and both elbows hurting.  Sloooow moving.  But it was nothing compared to my wrist.  And I cried my first RA related tears in a long time.

Shoulders and elbows tend to be a quick healing flare for me.  But the wrist is a downward spiral to shots.  And there is so much you can NOT do with a bad wrist.  It controls your whole hand.   So then I was back to needing help pulling food out of the oven.   And using 2 hands for a job that should require one.  Not wanting it to go farther I wanted to see Maggie to hopefully avoid a shot.  Not a chance.  She was booked tight.  Since a wrist flare has never gone away on its own I'm guessing I'll be texting her again tomorrow.  Sigh.....

Why??  I'm always looking for a reason.  What has set this off all of a sudden?
I've been sick for awhile with this icky cough that most of my family has been down with for the last month.  It's getting better but it's lingering.  It's my first sickness in 2 years and I'm guessing its triggered my RA.  At least that's all I can come up with.