Friday, December 27, 2013

Humira Woes

Well Dr. B decided that Embrel wasn't doing enough and to change to Humira.  I was good with that. I'm good with whatever at this point...though I can't believe I say it.

Humira has done nothing.  At all.  This has been a hard holiday season because I have felt so terrible.
The itchy rashes did not go away, but in fact, got worse.  The pain and stiffness are worse.
I can't sleep through the night.  Either because of shoulder pain or because I'm just awake.
I can't sleep in any position because of neck pain..and shoulder.
I am sooo tired and need a nap to make it to a 9pm bedtime.  Actually 2 naps would be awesome.

Soooo, I go back Monday.  And I don't know what I hope he will say.
Go back to Embrel?  That's an option.  But it wasn't fantastic anyway.
Up the ante and try something like Remicade?

And where will it end?
Will I get to a point where nothing works?

I just don't know!!


  1. I wonder if it's the weather? It seems like you posted something similar last year about the same time. Maybe a move to Az is in order?

  2. :-(
    do you have a memory foam mattress topper? that might help you sleep a bit better. maybe??