Thursday, April 25, 2013


I hate appt days.  And I kinda like them at the same time.  I hate them because there is plenty to hate.  But then again, I want to see if Dr. B agrees with my opinion on how it's going.

My opinion:  Doing good.

His opinion:  LOOKS like I'm doing better.  Xrays don't agree.  But b/c I am feeling pretty good most days, then maybe the Xrays will look better next time....which will be 6 mo instead of 1 yr.  It may be time to switch meds and up the ante.  Expensive injectables are next.

Soooo the Xray thing kinda freaks me out.  But since he put my appt back at 4 months and not sooner I feel a little better.  My inflammation markers were down and my WBC was acceptable but not great.  I'll take it. He's not changing my meds yet so that's good.

No shots.

4 months gives me lots of time to pray for more healing.  I'd really like to have better Xrays next time.
I'm thinking of trying full-blown paleo for 4 months.  I can tell that eliminating grains is a good thing.

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