Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paleo Experiment Here I Go

So I played around with the Paleo diet for about a week.  Just got my feet wet and decided I could live with it.  But then I ate 1/2 of a vanilla ice cream cone and it was all my man's fault.  That meant I totally screwed up counting that week so I'll start with this week as week 1

The tricky part is adding the auto immune protocol which eliminates nuts and eggs.  Potatoes too, but I can't tell that I've ever had problems with potatoes so I'll just go light on those.  Same thing with other night shades.

I REALLY want a cookie!!  Some grain free egg free cookie maybe.....probably not.
But oh well, it's just for a short while to see I will have any significant improvement by my next appt.

I'm adding consistent exercise.  Walking mostly, but also squats, sit ups, and so forth.  I'm working on push ups but my wrist can't support much weight at this point and my elbows are both intolerant.

So here's the low down to chart from the beginning....

Problem areas..
slight wrist
left hand but mostly left index finger
right hand is worse but I can usually make a pretty good fist sometime during the day even if its not until later.
feet are sore after sitting for any short period
I can walk forever but my knees can't do a lot of hills

Sleeping pretty good and I'd like to gain about 10 pounds.

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